A Graduation Project

by Daniëlle Aurora Verburg


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Hey there, reader!

Do you like exploring worlds in challenging stylized videogames? If so, this project might be of interest to you.

I'm Dani and I'm working on a proof of concept of a Metroidvania game called The Abstracted Forests of Waru !

I'm currently in my last year of studying Game Art at the HKU in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and this is my graduation project. I am very excited to show you what I've worked on!
On this website I will be documenting my project, explaining what it's about. Here you'll find concept art, narrative, research and more.

If you want to see more from me and my art, check out my Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Portfolio website!

Explore the atmospheric Forests of the dome world Waru as the little Deerling Isi and uncover its secrets.

Learn more about its people and the weird brightcoloured shapes that are spreading, unlock new abilities, regain your memories and explore to find the truth!

More info can be found here

Here's a small visual in-engine demo of one of the environments of the game.

If you want to walk through this environment yourself, you can download the build here!

I've always had a great interest in Metroidvania games and I'd love to add my own touch to the scene and make my own!

Since I work on this project alone I won't be able to turn it into a full game yet, but I hope you can get a little bit of the feeling I'm trying to get across with this interactive website. My focus for this project is on the visual design and narrative.

I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn a bit or two from it!


A new quest has arrived !

If you want to know more about the full story, you'll have to take a more thorough look around my website.
Just as in metroidvania games, you'll be rewarded for exploration! Have fun :]